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How to Disable Circular Spells

This small article will demonstrate how to make Evade to ignore circular spells.


In order to ignore circular spells we will have to change some Evading Rules for all modes: Normal, Combo and Flee. Normal means all other modes besides Combo and Flee, this also includes no mode at all, like when you don't hold any Orbwalker keys.

Necessary changes

First, you need to go through each Evading Rule for each mode and change Spell Type to Linear & Cone Spells.
If you completely want to ignore any circular spells, even dangerous ones like Leona R - this will do it, and you don't have to continue.

If you want to keep dodging some dangerous circular spells, you can keep Spell Type - All in 2nd Evading Rule for each mode.
This way if you keep Evading Rule #2 to have Spell Type - All, but change every other rule to Linear & Cone Spells - it will ignore all circular spells, but still dodge the ones with Extreme Danger Level.