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Riven — The Exile

We are proud to present you our Riven champion script.

Key Features

  • ⚔️ Auto Q Stack / Q extension [Combo mode hotkey] - Riven will keep her Q up by re-casting at the end of CD on each Q cast, if CDR is atleast 30%, which is ~50 Ability Haste, and there are no enemy champions nearby.
  • 🤺 Combo mode - Riven will dynamically adjust her all-in combo to enemy and situation, for example using Flash/E to change position if multiple enemies can be killed with R2.
  • Burst Toggle - Oneshot combo, using Flash to reach the target if it's not close enough.
  • 💨 Riven will also check if it's possible to engage with Q3 instead of E/W during the fight.
  • R1 Block Toggle - prevents Riven from using R1 in Combo Mode/Kill Steal.
  • ⚔️ Advanced Q/E Evade - Integration with Evade to carefully choose the most optimal spell and direction/angle to dodge spells, as Riven's high mobility is also her main damage.
    • You can adjust the usage of Riven's Q/E to your personal needs in Evade settings.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some suggestions and tricks to use with this script.

  • At Lv 1, Riven always starts with Q, unless it's a poke/ranged matchup, in which she starts with E often.
  • Riven's Lv 1 with Fast Q combo is very powerful, easily capable of burning enemy Flash or getting First Blood, depending on the matchup.
  • In ranged matchups, try to stack Q manually (casting it when it's about to expire), as it will allow you to close the gap much easier. Riven script will Q stack if no enemy near, but on some matchup if you consider that you need it, might be good idea stack Q if you have enough CDR.
  • Riven's itembuild should consist of CDR, it's a very important (if not the most) stat for her.
  • You can toggle R1 Block to not cast R1 during trades at Lv 6+ if enemy is near their turret or you can't prolongate the fight long enough.
  • During Flee Mode, you can aim your mouse between you and the wall, you will be able to see walljump indicator, and if Riven's Q is ready, she will jump over the wall.
  • Riven can become one of the most difficult champions in the game, and she will require a bit of practice to get used to her kit and her limits, and since her damage is also her mobility, it can turn out deadly for you if you overextend.