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Gangplank — The Saltwater Scourge

We are proud to present you our Gangplank champion script.

Key Features

  • 💣 Barrel Chain Combo - Barrel placement and health management with configurable auto or semi-auto double/triple barrel combos.
  • 💰 Barrel Laneclear - Auto manage minion health in laneclear to kill them all at once with barrels.
  • ⚔️ Teamfight Awareness - Teamfight detection and warning for best case R usage and coverage.
  • Auto Orange - Auto-cleanse with W. You may configure the delay, CC type and duration.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some suggestions and tricks to use with this script.

  • Early game for Gangplank is fairly weak, as Q is very mana intensive. If you can farm safely with auto attacks, you should use Q for harass as much as possible whenever it is off cooldown.
  • Barrels at early levels do not deal that much damage. But you can use barrels to extend your Q range and zone enemies by putting one near yourself.
  • Highly recommend levelling Q, W, then Q, and only get E at Lv 4. Q mana cost reduces with each level and barrels scale hard with player level as well as your Q damage.
  • At Lv 6 watch out for bot lane ganks. Use your global ult to turn the tide around or get a kill.
  • At Lv 7 you can start using triple barrel chains to slowly push enemy out of the lane. Use your amazing laneclear with barrels to your advantage and chip down the enemy tower.
  • At Lv 13 you gain a huge power spike through your barrels. Save up a few stacks of them and look for squishy targets for an easy pickoff.

💣 EQE Harass - For any barrels already on the ground, you can click them and hold the harass key to perform a quick EQE combo if enemy comes close to your barrels. 💣 Semi-Manual EEQE - For players that trusts their instincts a hotkey to fire the full triple barrel chain combo into FOW or anywhere you wish. ❌ Deny Barrels From Enemy - When an enemy attempts to lasthit a barrel GP automatically explodes the barrel if possible. ✨ Flee Mode Barrel Handling - Flee Mode key also can be used to semi-manually explode a barrel chain when needed.