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Fiora — The Grand Duelist

We are proud to present you our Fiora champion script.

Key Features

  • ⚔️ Auto-Orbwalk: Orbwalk to enemy Vital Mark automatically. Can be toggled on/off.
  • 🤺 Auto-Parry: Fiora will parry most of the enemy CC skillshots with Evade integration and single target spells too.
    This includes both W and QW combo.
  • Fast Combo: Will try to cast R on enemy and pop quickly all the 4 Vital Marks.
    This is recommended to do on enemy that doesn't have high movement speed or a dash ready.
  • 💨 Better Q Evading: Integration with Evade to help choose better direction for dodging with Q.
  • Flee Mode: During Flee Mode, you can aim your mouse between you and a wall. If Q is ready and the wall can be jumped, Fiora will dash over it.

Tips & Tricks

Here are some suggestions and tricks to use with this script.

  • Usually at level 1 you should level up your Q to be able to harass your enemy. At level 2, W is a must too, for the early kill or parry enemy CC spells.
  • At the beginning of the game don't forget to check the spell list for W Parry in menu. Some spells are disabled by default, but you may want to enable some of them early in the game and disable in late game.
  • In early game, like level 1-2, depending on your matchup you can often get easy first blood if you have Ignite and you use the Harass Mode. During Harass Mode, we will last hit minions while we will cast Fiora Q at enemy if our Q can hit a Vital Mark. Vital Mark does true damage, so at early levels it has high impact. If you see enemy with less than 40% health and you are at level 1-2, you can swap to Combo Mode (hold spacebar) to usually get the first kill.
  • After killing an enemy which was marked with your R, if you are in a safe spot, it is recommended to remain inside the R AOE area to get back your health. This way you can continue farming, pushing and so on without the need to recall.
  • Fiora needs a small learning curve to get used to the champion, knowing when to go all in or keep harassing. Please keep in mind that Fiora is a melee champion and it is very easy to over-commit with bad judgement and get yourself killed.
  • Do not forget about ✨Flee Mode!