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How To Use LS

Instructions on how to use LegendSense in game.


LegendSense is a powerful set of tools which can change your gameplay drastically.
But unless you learn how to use it - you may struggle and miss out on many features.
We hope that this article will be helpful for both beginners and advanced users.

Main Features

Various tools provided by LegendSense can be separated in five main categories:

  • Orbwalker - The most powerful tool which will help you farm minions and attack your enemies.
  • Evade - This will make you untouchable and help you to dodge all incoming enemy spells.
  • Champion Logic - Will perform various champion combos for you.
  • Awareness - Set of tools which will warn you about different game events, incoming dangers, cooldowns of enemy spells, etc.
  • Utility - Various tools which will help you to use different items, help you place wards, zoom out your camera, change your skins and so on.


What is Orbwalker?

Orbwalking is a process of auto-attacking a target, but interrupting it with your movement as soon as possible. This way you can continiously attack and move, which is extremely hard to master manually, but very easy to do with LegendSense by holding a single button on your keyboard.
Therefore, Orbwalker is a script which will automatically perform the orbwalking process for you.

This is, for sure, the most powerful tool provided by LegendSense. It will help you farm minions, harass your enemies and win trades, maximize your DPS (Damage Per Second) on your enemies, etc.

Orbwalker Hotkeys

Orbwalker keys are Z, X, C, V and Space.
When you hold any of these keys - your character will move to mouse while performing certain actions.

  • Space - Combo Mode: This will use your spells and go all-in on enemies. it will also auto attack them.
  • X - Last Hit Mode: This will only last hit minions and farm.
  • C - Harass Mode: This is the same as Last Hit Mode, but will also try to attack enemies and use some spells on them sometimes.
  • V - Lane Clear Mode: This will farm minions, but also damage them so you can push your lane. When some minion in range is about to become lasthittable - it will wait without attacking anything in order to kill that minion.
  • Z - Flee Mode: This is helpful to run away from enemies. Some champions have special behavior in this mode, which will allow you to jump over the walls and so on.

Advanced Orbwalker Hotkeys

There is also special feature for advanced users which allows you to freeze your lane with Lane Freeze or push it with Fast Clear.
It is enabled with special modifier key, by default it's CTRL.

  • CTRL-X - Freeze Lane: This will attempt to last hit minions in the very last moment when possible, thus freezing your lane as much as possible.
  • CTRL-V - Fast Clear: This is basically Lane Clear mode but it will shove the lane without caring about last hits.

My personal recommendation is to change CTRL modifier to Left Mouse Button - this way you can use this features while holding LMB + X or LMB + V.


What is Evade?

Evade is amazing tool which will keep you safe by dodging (evading) most incoming enemy skillshots.
It will use everything your champion has at its disposal:

  • Basic movement
  • Champion spells
  • Summoner spells
  • Activatable Items
  • It will even turn around from Cassio R and towards Trynda W

Evade Presets

LegendSense is known to have one of the most complex and powerful Evades available today.
In fact, it can be so powerful that it may look you so obvious that your enemies will call you out unless you are being careful. One way to achieve it is to configure your Evade to be stricter and dodge less spells, at least avoid dodging obvious spells.

Our Evade comes with several built-in presets:

  • Obvious
  • Performance
  • Balanced
  • Strict
  • Critical
  • CC Only

These presets are sorted from most loose and obvious to most strict. Obvious will try to dodge almost everything and Critical will dodge only most important spells, while CC Only will dodge only crowd control spells.
Besides that each preset except Obvious has special Humanized version - such presets will have additional delays when dodging, making your dodging to appear slightly more human-like.

Evade Hotkeys

  • K - Toggles Evade On/Off.
  • L - Switches Evade between two preset slots - Primary and Secondary. You can select preset (predefined settings) for each slot and easily switch between them. For example, you can have Obvious or Performance preset in Primary slot and something like Strict or Only CC in Secondary slot. This can be helpful sometimes instead of just disabling Evade.

We highly recommend to find more suitable hotkey instead of K or L, so you can quickly use it in combat.

Champion Logic

When you are using various Orbwalker modes, LegendSense will also perform champion-specific combos.
This is possible because of unique Champion Scripts. Some champions have one script, while others have multiple. You can try them and choose what you like the most.


Keep in mind, that some champions are more powerful with scripts than others.

Besides unique logic, Champion Scripts also utilize Orbwalker and Prediction.
Prediction is a powerful library which will help Champion Script to aim your skillshots well.


This includes everything you can see on your screen. Various HUDs, UIs, range indicators, warnings and alerts:

  • Enemy champion HUD
  • Cooldown tracker
  • Turret range indicator
  • Dragon Soul tracker
  • Jungle tracker
  • Gank tracker
  • Ward tracker
  • And many other...


Everything else that doesn't fall in other categories, but still can be extremely useful:

  • Zoom Editor - Allows you to zoom out camera beyond standard limit. You can even change FoV and camera angle.
  • Skin Changer - Client-side skin changer which allows you to use any skin you like.
  • Activator - Strong utility which will use summoner spells and activatable items.
  • Auto-Smite - Self-explanatory.
  • Magnetic Ward - Will help you to place wards in tricky spots and never miss bushes.
  • And many other...