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How Compensations Work

If you've ever experienced downtime with LegendSense, you may have wondered how we compensate our users.
This small article will shed some light on how it works.


We compensate for the exact duration that LegendSense was officially down.


If you had 3 days left on your subscription before LegendSense went down, you'll still have 3 days left when we finish maintenance and roll out compensations.

Downtime: Why?

LegendSense needs to be updated every time the game is updated.
Typically, it takes 1-2 days for a major patch and up to 1 day for a hotfix.

While we do our best to prevent most issues, unpredictable problems can still occur.
Our team is always working hard to minimize downtime, but sometimes unexpected things happen.

When LegendSense goes down for an update or other circumstances, we enable Maintenance Mode as soon as possible.

Maintenance Mode

This is a special mode in our system that we enable during downtime.
LegendSense can still be used during this mode, as long as it's updated and can be injected.

Once we finish Maintenance Mode, our system automatically compensates all users' subscription time equal to the maintenance duration.

So, if you had 3 days left on your subscription when Maintenance Mode started, you'll still have 3 days left when it ends.
If you had 5 hours left - then, you probably guessed it right, you will have 5 hours remaining.

Can I use time cards during this mode?

Yes, you can use time cards during Maintenance Mode, but there's a condition:

If you add time to an existing account during Maintenance Mode, you won't experience any issues.
However, if you create a new account after Maintenance Mode has started, it won't be eligible for compensation.
So if you are a completely new user - it is recommended to wait until our service is available again and then use your card.


At LegendSense, we understand that downtime can be frustrating.
That's why we strive to minimize it and compensate our users fairly.
If you have any questions or concerns about downtime or compensations, don't hesitate to reach out to us.